How Do I Choose a Commercial Painter?

Painting a commercial building is a huge undertaking. Most commercial buildings are much larger than the average house, so painting those spaces is better left to the professionals. With specialist equipment and access to commercial-grade paint systems, a commercial painting service will deliver quality services in the shortest time. Not all commercial painters are alike though, and achieving the best results means selecting the right team for the job. To help point you in the right direction, we’re going to go over our top 5 tips for choosing a commercial painter to handle your project.

1. Do Your Research

Preparing for a large project can be daunting, but the simplest place to start is by doing your research! It’s simple to look for commercial painting companies in your area and check their websites. You’re looking to see whether they offer the services you need. Since commercial buildings range from small offices to giant high-rise buildings, you need to choose a company that’s equipped to handle the scale of your project.

2. Ask for References

The best thing you can do to pick a quality commercial painter is ask to see their references. Good commercial painters leave behind a string of happy clients, so it should be no problem for them to produce references. This doesn’t need to be complicated – all you need to do is phone old clients and find out what their experience was like. Be mindful that the references you’re given are always going to be the cream of the crop, so don’t make your decision based on their feedback alone.

To get a full picture of a commercial painter’s track record, you can also check their online reviews on sites like Google or Facebook. These often provide helpful hints as to whether a painter’s services are largely positive or not.

3. Review Their Past Work

While you’re checking references it never hurts to see the final result for yourself. You can usually visit the painter’s website and check out the painting projects in their gallery. Don’t forget to check social media pages. Many commercial painters post their most recent projects on Instagram and Facebook, so you can see what they’ve been up to lately.

4. Look for a Comprehensive Quote

Commercial painting jobs often involve large teams and hundreds of hours of work. Make sure the quote you receive reflects that effort. A good commercial painter will be able to provide accurate quotes that include plenty of information about the cost of preparation, materials, labour and clean up work. Having each item laid out individually gives full transparency about the work and allows you see where your money is going. Plus, a comprehensive quote is a great tool when it comes to comparing prices between different commercial painting companies.

5. Don’t Choose on Price Alone

Painting large buildings and commercial spaces requires lots of work and it’s not something you want to pay for twice. As tempting as it might be to choose the commercial painter with the lowest quote, it’s important not to make a decision based solely on the price.

When it comes to commercial painting you get what you pay for. The best commercial painters use high quality paint systems and state of the art equipment. Together, these two things allow their team to complete each job efficiently, leaving you with a stunning result. While the services of a high quality painter might cost a little more upfront, their work can last for decades, saving you tens of thousands of dollars in the long run.

In Need of Reliable Commercial Painting Services? Contact McAuliffe Painting!

Choosing a commercial painter can be tough. You want the results to look stunning for decades to come, so it pays to work with a painter that offers everything you need. If you want to achieve incredible results the first time around, contact McAuliffe Painting today! McAuliffe Painting is a commercial painting company working throughout the Brisbane region. We bring more than 20 years of experience to each project, allowing us to develop high quality, long-lasting solutions. Our team is equipped to tackle commercial projects of all sizes, ranging from simple real estate painting to high-rise buildings. Contact us today if you’d like a quote on your project!

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