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Specialised Brisbane Commercial Painting Services

At McAuliffe Painting, we offer a wide variety of Brisbane commercial painting services to clients. Each of our painting services is tailored to meet the exact needs of our customers, no matter the size of the job. The McAuliffe Painting team has been operating in the industry for more than 20 years now, and our work includes a diverse range of commercial painting jobs across Brisbane.

The Brisbane commercial painting jobs we’ve completed include everything from painting factories and unit complexes to small businesses, warehouses, high-rise buildings and more. To ensure we’re delivering the high quality results our clients require, we work directly with your business to better understand its needs. By getting involved in the process and figuring out what your business requires, we provide a more specialised service and deliver paintwork that can stand up to whatever you throw at it.

Brisbane Commercial Painting Experts

Painting any commercial building is a large task. Not only are buildings such as factories physically large, they often require expert industrial painter Brisbane solutions that can stand up to hard use and harsh weather. Since commercial painting is a major investment, we always design and specify paint systems that use tough, high quality products. When choosing the products our team of Brisbane commercial painters will use for your building, we focus on selecting paints that will stand up to commercial use and keep your property looking better for longer.

To ensure we deliver paint schemes our clients will be thrilled with, the Brisbane commercial painting experts at McAuliffe makes use of the latest painting technologies and equipment. Our experienced painters use specialist tools, including rope-access equipment, that allows us to quickly and efficiently paint commercial properties of every size. Capable of working at great heights and over large surface areas, our certified team is available to paint any commercial building in Brisbane.

Body Corporate Painting

At McAuliffe Painting, we have undertaken a wide range of body corporate painting jobs.

Our team of Brisbane commercial painters are available to help with everything from small painting tasks and maintenance work through to major projects like repainting unit complexes or apartment buildings. We work with body corporates to deliver industrial painter Brisbane solutions for all unit and townhouse complexes in Brisbane.

Building Painting

McAuliffe Painting offers a range of building painting services for the exterior of all commercial properties. Our Brisbane commercial painters have worked on a variety of projects, ranging in size and complexity from small businesses to major works on high-rise buildings, hospitals and school campuses. We can access even the most obscure parts of any building to provide high quality painting services.

Factory Painting

We offer specialised painting services designed for factories. Because they endure heavy use, factories require tailored paint systems that can withstand harsh environments.

McAuliffe Painting can design, specify and provide paintwork to all internal and external areas of factory complexes, protecting the property and delivering results that last longer.

Hospital Painting

Our commercial exterior painters services include all medical centre and hospital painting work. We have completed a number of painting jobs for hospitals, from small projects through to large-scale building repainting.

The entire McAuliffe team is aware of the challenges of working in clinical environments and takes the necessary precautions to keep your patients safe.

KOKO Apartment Project | McAuliffe Painting

Insurance Painting

Do you need insurance work completed after damage to your building? Our insurance painting services are designed to return your property to top condition and get your life back to normal sooner.

We work with insurers throughout Brisbane on everything from small fixes to major reparation work following fires, floods, disasters and other damaging events.

Office Building Painting | McAuliffe Painting

Office Painting

McAuliffe Painting offers a comprehensive range of office painting services. Our Brisbane commercial painters tailor each office project to deliver a building that looks good, inspires the work you do and creates a space you’re proud to own. Our office painting services use high quality, hard-wearing products, and we will tailor your paint work to suit your company branding and create a beautiful work environment.

Exterior Painting | McAuliffe Painting

Re-Leasing Painting

Have you decided to relocate your business or end your lease? If so, it may be a good idea to ‘make good’ your old premises before handing back the keys. It is often a requirement of commercial leases that your property be returned to its original condition. McAuliffe Painting can restore the paintwork in your leased property and help you meet the terms of your lease.

Real Estate Painting

McAuliffe works with real estate agents and landlords throughout Brisbane, offering painting services for tenanted properties.

High quality paint work not only protects the value of your buildings, it keeps tenants happy and allows you to receive the maximum return on investment. We paint all commercial and residential real estate for landlords and other property owners.

Render Painting

The McAuliffe Painting team are experts at rendering and painting commercial buildings with rendered finishes.

Our commercial painting Brisbane expertise means we can deliver render work that looks good for longer, protecting your building and helping it stand up to Brisbane’s harsh weather. Our commercial painting contractors Brisbane wide are available to render all commercial properties, regardless of the size or scale of the project.

Roof Painting

Under Brisbane’s harsh sun and storms, the paint on your roof can only stay looking good for so long. McAuliffe Painting has been keeping Brisbane’s properties looking good for more than 20 years. Our commercial painting contractors Brisbane wide can design a roof painting solution to suit all residential and commercial properties. Our roof painting systems are suitable for all common roofing styles and materials.

Painters abseiling down apartment building | SL8 Project | McAuliffe Painting

Unit Complex Painting

Painting a unit complex is a large task. Our wealth of commercial painting Brisbane wide experience allows us to offer specialised services that keep your property in top condition.

We work with body corporates to deliver painting solutions for all unit and townhouse complexes in Brisbane. Whatever size your complex is, our commercial painters Brisbane team can tailor a paint scheme and solution to suit.

Warehouse Painting

Our team of commercial exterior painters are fully equipped to handle even the largest tasks, including painting warehouses and other storage facilities.

 Our commercial painters Brisbane team can specify and supply paint systems that protect your property and help it withstand heavy commercial use. McAuliffe’s painting services are one of the most cost-effective ways of keeping your warehouse in great condition.

Frequently asked questions

What is Commercial Painting?

Commercial painting is a specialist painting service aimed at commercial properties such as hospitals, high-rise buildings, factories, offices, unit complexes, warehouses and more. Commercial painters work in teams and are equipped with special equipment that allows them to handle even the largest painting projects.

How Much Does Commercial Painting Cost?

The cost of commercial painting depends on the size and complexity of the building, its cladding materials, the condition of the property and many other factors. Your commercial painter Brisbane will be able to inspect the property and provide an accurate estimate of the work.

How Do You Paint a Large Building?

The sheer size of commercial painting projects makes them a challenge. McAuliffe Painting uses specialist equipment such as paint sprayers and rope access systems to allow our team to get to every part of your building. Our experienced abseil painters can quickly and efficiently access exterior surfaces on high-rise buildings to complete exterior commercial painting in Brisbane.

What Types of Paint Do Commercial Painters Use?

Painting a commercial building is a major undertaking, so it’s important to use high quality paint products that can withstand Brisbane’s sun and storms. Our commercial painters work with the highest quality products, and we frequently use Dulux paints when performing interior and exterior commercial painting work for our clients.

Do Commercial Buildings Need to be Cleaned Before Painting?

The dirt, dust, stains and other contaminants on the walls of a building can all prevent a new layer of paint from adhering properly. To ensure we’re delivering the best results every time, the McAuliffe team cleans and prepares all surfaces before our commercial painters Brisbane wide begin applying fresh paint.

Can I Use My Commercial Building While it’s Being Painted?

Yes! At McAuliffe Painting we realise that life goes on. Whether we’re painting an apartment complex, hospital or a high-rise office building, we structure our work to make sure you and your tenants can still access the property as much as possible. We always strive to deliver work on time, so we can help you plan for any disruptions that commercial painting may cause.

Do Commercial Painters Have Insurance?

Yes - commercial painters need to carry a few types of insurance to ensure they can deliver their work safely. Since commercial buildings are often in-use during the painting process, commercial painters need to safely work around the people who come and go from the property. Commercial painters in Brisbane typically carry public liability insurance to protect themselves and their clients.

What Should I Look for When Choosing a Commercial Painter?

There are three main things to consider when choosing a commercial painter: the quote they provide, whether they are equipped to handle the project and the estimated timeframe of the work. Since commercial painting projects are often big and expensive, it’s important to select a painter that can provide accurate estimates to help you budget for the work. But don’t just choose the cheapest quote - commercial paint work is an investment, and you may find yourself paying to fix a low quality paint job in just a few years’ time.

How Long Does Commercial Paint Last?

The lifespan of a commercial paint job depends on the quality of the paint products and workmanship. In general, commercial painters Brisbane wide use commercial-grade paints that can last for 10 - 15 years. At McAuliffe Painting we choose our paint systems based on your needs to make sure your building stays protected for longer.

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