Hospital Painting Services in Brisbane

Large And Small Hospital Painting Projects

Our commercial property services also cover the painting of hospitals. In the past, we have completed a number of painting jobs within hospitals from smaller projects to larger ones. Due to our prior experience, we understand the precautions needed to work within a hospital environment, ensuring that all health and safety standards are maintained throughout the project we are working on. We understand that for most hospitals, closing at any time is simply not an option. As a result, we specially tailor all of our services around the working schedules of the hospital staff, ensuring that we reduce any disruption caused as much as possible. However, for certain jobs, we may require a certain area of the hospital to remain out of order for a period of time, in order to protect those inside the hospital itself and will advise if this is necessary.

All of our painting services can be specially tailored to meet the precise needs of your hospital. We make sure to find the right paint that matched the colours you use, as well as provide any other paints you may need for your internal maintenance team to do repairs in the future. Whether you run a small hospital or a larger one, our team have both the knowledge and experience to provide you with an expert level of service, as well as a high-quality paint job.

High-Quality Paints For Hospital Painting

In general, hospitals use the colour white around their premises. Such a colour within a busy environment can quickly become dirty as a result of people moving around so often. Consequently, it is common for hospitals to require routine paint jobs to maintain the quality of the white paint used throughout. Our team make use of high-quality paints that last for longer periods of time within such environments. This means that after using our services, you will not need to replace the paint as quickly as you would with other companies in the market. This helps your hospital to save both time and money. 

Hospital Paint Repairs And Restoration

Our high-quality paints can also be used for restoration projects. Within some hospitals, certain areas may become extremely dirty over time and as a result, the paint may need to be restored. Our team can quickly restore any rooms or wards that are in need of it.

Unique Designs For Hospital Painting

At McAuliffe Painting, we also offer unique designs that can be used within your hospital and can tailor a plan for different areas of the hospital. We have experience in custom paint jobs in children’s wards to bring colour and life to the spaces.

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