How To Series: How To Prep A Wall For Painting

When it comes to commercial or residential painting, preparation is key. Ensuring that things are prepped properly can be the difference between having the job perfect from the start to having to repaint sooner than expected.

Below is steps you should take when it comes to prepping a wall before painting.

Step 1: Clean your walls thoroughly

Having a clean wall is essential when it comes to prepping. A clean wall helps the paint stick to the surface better, meaning you don’t need to do multiple coats. For an effective clean, using something like sugar soap will ensure you get the required clean you need before you start painting. Once you have thoroughly cleaned the walls, ensure that it is completely dry before moving onto the next step.

Step 2: Scrap off cracked paint

Cracked paint can be a real hinderance when it comes to painting a wall. Once you have cleaned and dried the wall, you will start to notice any chips or cracks in the paint that might not have been apparent before the clean. If you come across any cracks, use a paint scraper to remove any chipped or cracked paint from the wall. It is also important to put down a drop sheet for any mess that may occur and use the appropriate PPE during this step.

Step 3: Fill cracks with Gap Filler

You then need to fill any cracks that may have occurred during the scrapping process with plaster or interior filler . Use the paint scraper to apply the gap filler mix to all the chips and cracks on the wall, making sure to overfill each one. Once the filler is dry, sand back the spots until smooth. Note dust should be contained and any items covered with plastic. Dry sanded plaster dust has a habit of getting into TVs and appliances.

Step 4: Seal the gaps in the corners

To ensure there are no gaps, including those in the corner, use a caulking gun and gap sealer. Once you have applied the gap sealer, wipe off any excess with a damp cloth to push the filler deep into the corners which will give the surface a nice smooth finish.

Step 5: Paint until your hearts content

Once the prepping is done, it’s time to paint. Ensure you have all the appropriate equipment needed before you start and always put down a drop sheet, cover items in lightweight plastic so not to create a mess.

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