Heritage Building Painting

  • Heritage Building Painting Services
  • Boost your property’s value with enhanced street appeal
  • Experienced working with Brisbane City Council heritage grants
  • 20+ years of experience working with residential and commercial heritage properties
  • Full Heritage Building Painting Restorations to restore the history and original features

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    Heritage Building Painting Projects - McAuliffe Painting
    Is Old Paint Making Your Building Ugly?

    Instead of a beautiful even coat of paint, highlighting the unique features of your heritage property.

    Your building’s old painting is starting to crack. There’s bubbling on the surface and there are unsightly flakes that are beginning to peel off.

    You should repaint your building if:

    • Paint is peeling off, cracking apart, or forming bubbles
    • Faded or uneven paint colour is making your property look old
    • You’re considering selling your property
    • Over 5-10 years have passed since your last paint job

    Ready to give your heritage property a facelift?

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    Benefits Of Your Heritage Building Painting

    • Boost your property’s value with improved street appeal
    • Enhance the aesthetic of the heritage aspects that make your building unique
    • Keep your heritage property protected from natural elements
    • Remove old paint that may contain lead based paint

    Not sure if you need to repaint your building?
    Contact our experts today and we’ll help you make the right decision for your property.

    The McAuliffe Difference - Heritage Building Painting

    Our team of painters at McAuliffe Painting are specialists in
    working with heritage buildings for over 20 years.

    We have worked together with other heritage building experts to conduct complete restoration and redecoration projects for cottages, residential heritage properties, and even commercial heritage properties.

    Only the highest quality paints are used for our heritage projects. Keeping your property in pristine condition and preserving the authentic look and feel is our priority.

    What you have is a rare work of art. One that we must both work together to preserve.

    As an added bonus, since our team has worked with many heritage properties in the past, we are also experienced in lead paint removal. It’s not uncommon for a heritage property to still have lead-painted walls. We help remove this and ensure your safety comes first.

    Still not sure if we’re the right group for the job?
    Get in touch with our team and ask any questions.
    We’d love to help you out and guide you in the right direction.

    This includes free expert consultation and heritage grants
    (reimbursements for projects like heritage building painting and other restorations).

    But this can be a daunting process. Especially if it’s your first time going through this. There is a whole list of specifications you must meet. And on top of this, the work completed has to be to a specific standard.

    At McAuliffe Painting, we’ve got you covered. 

    We’ve worked with countless heritage properties and have gone through this exact process plenty of times. By working with us, we can guide you through this procedure and ensure the highest possible chance of you receiving your grant. 

    For help with your heritage grant, contact our team and book your building restoration project with us today. Get your 100% free quote by clicking the button below.

    Enclosed Are A Few Pictures Of The Heritage Building Painting Project

    Heritage Gallery

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