External Repaint of Shafston College

External Repaint Of Shafston College, Brisbane:

External Repaint Of Shafston College Using Rope Access

External repaint of Shafston College was successfully completed by McAuliffe Painting. Shafston International College is a private education institution for international students located in Brisbane and the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. It offers certificates, diplomas and English Language Programs.

Shafston was established in 1996 and has grown rapidly with over 70,000 students have attended since its inception. Shafston has a diverse student population with over 36 different nationalities on campus at any given time.

Shafston features three campuses, two in the heart of Brisbane and the other in Southport on the Gold Coast. The original Kangaroo Point Campus, which is centred on Shafston House, a heritage-listed building constructed in 1851, is located on the banks of the Brisbane River and covers an area of five acres.

McAuliffe Painting was honoured to be responsible for both the external repaint of The Shafston College Building and the complete restoration of The Shafston House.

Before & After

The Project

At McAuliffe Painting we love hanging off buildings. So we were very excited about this project as we got to use our rope access and painting skills all at once!

The Project Included:

  • Washing down of building
  • Total painting of exterior of building including fences
  • Painting of all currently painted entry, ground level external doors and service doors
  • Repair/removal and treatment of concrete cancer on building
  • Repairs to all defective, damaged and chiped render areas

Enclosed Are A Few Pictures Of The Project

Shafston College Gallery

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