Body Corporate Painting in Brisbane

At McAuliffe Painting, we understand the size of complexity of body corporate painting. Our wealth of experience allows us to offer a specialised service, tailored to meet the precise needs of the job. Within our 20 years of operating, we have completed a range of highly successful body corporate jobs all across Brisbane, leaving our customers feeling thrilled with the service that we provided.

Body Corporate Painting Services

We understand that for many owners, body corporate painting can use up valuable time and resources. When not completed correctly, the job itself can become even more expensive, leading to unnecessary repainting. Our team take pride in handling such jobs with ease. Our team will deal with any issues that arise and implement the correct procedures to get the job done right the first time. This provides you with peace of mind, knowing that your body corporate paint works will be completed on time, on budget and without any stress or hassle.

Our expert team combine craftsmanship and customer satisfaction to ensure that every one of our jobs is completed to the highest quality possible. Anything from smaller projects to larger, more complicated ones can be completed with ease, taking the stress away from you while providing you with an excellent service. We use top range equipment, to provide our customers with high-quality services, promising to deliver projects that will not only meet the needs of our customers but beat them entirely.

When completing any body corporate painting jobs, we make sure to be mindful of the occupiers of the complex and create as little disturbance as possible. We also take full responsibility for site clean up and will remove any rubbish associated with the paint works left on the site. While we undergo any work, we make sure to prioritise the needs of the current residents and can arrange to work hours that will lessen the impact of the work being carried out. We offer a range of professional body corporate painting projects; these include:

Window Glazing

The paint on window sills can deteriorate at a faster rate than anywhere else. We can help you to protect your windows with the use of high-quality window paints designed to stand up to the harsh Brisbane climate.

Spray Painting

Our team can offer a range of different spray paint finishes, varying in both colour and texture to best meet your exact preferences. They will work effectively to provide you with a fantastic finish, ensuring that any residents are happy with the job. Using spraying equipment is also significantly quicker than traditional rollers.

Maintenance Painting

Over time, paint can become damaged and worn. We offer a range of maintenance painting services designed to keep your building or complex in pristine condition.

Interior And Exterior Painting

Our work also covers the painting of both the interior and exterior. We make use of the highest quality paints available in the Australian market. This allows our team to provide a perfect finish on any job they are working on.

Decorative Body Corporate Painting

Our skilled team also offer a range of decorative painting services. They can paint any particular design you would like, using colours that match your personal preferences.

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