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At McAuliffe Painting, we have a range of experts in exterior wall rendering. Our experts have worked on rendering for both homes and houses of various sizes, as well as larger more industrial projects. This range of experience allows them to use their expertise on various projects, no matter their size or complicity The process of rendering itself involves the exterior of a property being covered in either sand or cement, a lime-based, or a synthetic based render. It is designed to provide the property in question with significant protection, however, the levels of protection depending on the service that you request. In general, our services use both sand and cement, followed by a protective waterproof coating to fully protect your walls. By rendering your home or property, you can protect it from a range of different weather types, improving the overall stability of your home.

If your home uses bricks, then rendering may be necessary for the long term to protect your home. While brick-built houses already have significant protection, over time they can become damaged by weather, causing them to need repair as well as extra support. This is where our rendering services can benefit you.

Our Rendering Paint Services

Our expert team have a deep understanding of all of the render types we use. These include lime-based renders, acrylic renders, mortar render (sand and cement) as well as new types of render in the market such as through-coloured rendering. Our services cover re-rendering houses, as well as repairing any damages that have occurred due to extreme weather circumstances. No matter the size or scale of the project that would like us to complete, our team will be on hand to provide you with excellent customer service, as well as high-quality rendering.


In order to determine the price of a rendering job, we will usually request an initial consultation to consider a range of factors that may increase or decrease the overall cost. These factors include:

The size of the wall that needs to be rendered

The condition of the wall at the time

The ways in which we can access the property

The timescale of the overall project

The current climate (different weathers and temperatures can result in different costs

The type of building that we are working on. For example, expertly designed buildings may take more time to render

The type of render that is being used for that project

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