Frequently Asked Questions


Does McAuliffe Painting handle all commercial painting projects?
Yes, At McAuliffe Painting, we are experts in commercial painting.

How soon can the project start?
Depends on the customer's needs. We can generally accommodate others so that it is business as usual.

How long do the jobs normally take to complete?
Depends on the size of the job. We schedule and indicate time frames when we start and draw up the contracts.

What should be done before painters arrive?
We ask that you remove items that would not be covered under our insurance. We have had customers leave very personal items in the room we are painting and we prefer these types of items be removed. Small items should also be removed from benches and computers shut down. We can assist and move large items into the centre of the room.

Can my business operate as normal during the project?
Usually yes, we are experts in being the painting ninjas.

Is your work guaranteed?
Yes, it is. Up to 10 years depending on the project.

What kind of paint do you use?
All projects are painted with Premium Dulux and Hayes.

Can McAuliffe Painting paint high-rise buildings?
Yes. Our rope access team are expert in high-rise painting and we also have swing stage setups and privately owned EWP equipment.


Should anything be done to the interior or exterior before the painters arrive?
We request you contain pets as we will be entering the property regularly.

What effect does the weather have on painting?
Paint can be difficult tonally in extreme heat. It's best to avoid painting in the direct sun on hot days.

How thorough is the clean-up?
We leave the residential property as we found it, if not cleaner.

My house is only two years old and it is already covered in mildew. Should a paint job last longer than that?
Yes. Some of the cheaper paints don’t have a fungicide additive to them causing mould to grow.

What is the best method for painting heritage properties?
There are so many factors. It's best to use traditional techniques and utilise a professional in this space.

How often should I repaint the exterior of my house?
We recommend exteriors are repainted every 8-10 years and high-traffic interiors, such as living rooms and kitchens, every 5-7 years.

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