External Repaint Project Camp Hill

External Repaint Residential Project Camp Hill, Brisbane:

External Repaint Project Of Queenslander At Camp Hill

Once again, McAuliffe Painting was called upon to paint a Heritage Home – a stunning, newly raised and restored Queenslander at Camp Hill. For many years McAuliffe has been building on its reputation as a specialist Heritage House repainting service, gaining in-depth knowledge of local historic buildings, traditional building methods and modern restoration techniques. So we were extremely pleased to be offered another residential repaint project at Camp Hill, an area that is home to many of McAuliffe’s Heritage Home triumphs.

When it comes to heritage properties, you have to get it right. Incorrect paint choices and the wrong techniques are much less likely to be forgiven by the older structure. Large ratios of timber and an absence of concrete means preparation work means the difference between a result that lasts for a couple of years and a result that lasts for decades. There is also the aesthetics of these buildings to consider. Modern paint colours might not be acceptable to the heritage home planning committee and the ability to match original shades is not a simple process – you need practice and experience to restore a Queenslander colour scheme to its original glory.

Before & After

The Project

Preparation, preparation and more preparation. That’s what Heritage properties are all about. Thanks to already completed exterior renovation work, our usual role of repairing major woodwork damage was kept to a minimum, although we were able to discover a few hidden problems with timber integrity when making our initial inspection. Those items that required repair we dealt with along the way.

The Project Included:

  • Washing down of building
  • Full inspection of paint surface integrity
  • An advisory role concerning paint types and heritage colour schemes
  • Lots of preparation work!
  • Repairs to all defective and damaged woodwork
  • Total painting of exterior of building

The McAuliffe team achieved a stunning result, as you can see. The careful renovation of this beautiful Queenslander means Camp Hill has yet another historic gem to show off. We’re looking forward to doing the internal painting once this part of the renovation is complete.

Enclosed Are A Few Pictures Of The Project

Camp Hill Residential Repaint

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