SL8 Apartments Repaint via Rope Access

External Preparation & Repaint via Rope Access For SL8 Apartments

SL8 Management plays the role of caretaker for a number of contemporary townhomes, sky homes and apartments in Brisbane’s bustling West End. The apartment complex at 8 Musgrave Street was last repainted a decade ago. Sl8 contacted McAuliffe Painting for a complete external revamp in 2018, this project was performed using rope access by McAuliffe Painting.

Musgrave Street, with its views over Brisbane River, is perfectly placed for residents who enjoy the features and pastimes of Brisbane City centre. West End is now enjoying the rewards of urban renewal and transformation into a luxury suburb. Featuring a communal pool and more than 300 apartments, the order to reinstate SL8’s apartment complex as the contemporary, attractive and well-presented building it was always intended to be required careful thought and discussion, and a lot of hard work. SL8 Apartments Rope Access and Abseil Painting Project were successfully completed by the McAuliffe Painting team.

Before & After

The Project

It is always a privilege to provide a large-scale but tired feature building with a new look. Restyling an expansive façade makes an immediate impact, and residents and future residents alike will experience a heightened sense of luxury. By using rope access the sheer scale of this project could be kept well within budget and was never considered as a source of disruption for the building’s residents.

The Project Included:

  • Advisory role in paint type and colour choices, and paint removal methods
  • Extensive rope access work
  • Washing down of building
  • Repair/removal and treatment of concrete cancer on building
  • Repairs to all defective, damaged and chipped render areas
  • Removal of old paint layers
  • Repainting of complete exterior using specialized paints and equipment and the correct techniques
  • Safety features throughout the duration of these works, including signage, barriers, overhead protection and exclusion areas under drop zones

The decade-old paint layer, featuring shades of brown, beige and cream, was of high-quality Keim mineral paint which had unfortunately been applied without the proper preparation or attention. This rather tired-looking colour pallet was now failing, bringing the overall appearance of the complex to a much lower standard than the interior. Together with SL8 and a planning committee, McAuliffe Painting set up a treatment plan which included the removal of old paint layers which would otherwise shorten the life of the new paint job. Through rope access, disruption was kept at a minimum at all times and the use of unsightly (and expensive) scaffolding was completely avoided. Façade preparation techniques used modern materials proven to withstand the elements. By changing the paint type to Porter’s Paints, the final effect was soft, ultra-flat and matte. In addition, the crushed marble content of this high-quality paint meant the final result is durable, very long-lasting and dirt- and UV-resistant. Additionally, low-odour paints such as these cause even less disruption to the local community.

See For Yourself!

It was decided via a committee meeting that the original colours were outdated and should be replaced with a scheme that suited the new, contemporary persona of West End. As you can see below, this has been achieved with great success. The fresh and contemporary pallet has brought new life and vitality to the building, simultaneously boosting both appeal and rental income for SL8 in a highly competitive housing market.

Enclosed Are A Few Pictures Of The Project

SL8 Apartments

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