What is Body Corporate Painting?

If you live or work in an apartment or office buildingthen you’ve probably seen the handiwork of your body corporate. In those shared buildings and complexes, communal areas like gardens, foyers, hallways and courtyards all need maintenance. No individual property owner can be expected to take care of such a large space, and that’s where body corporates come into the picture. Your body corporate is responsible for maintaining the communal spaces you use every day. One of the biggest tasks for a body corporate is keeping up with all the painting work that needs to be done around large buildings.

What is a Body corporate?

In Australia, the term body corporate refers to the person, group of people or company that looks after the communal areas of properties that are collectively owned. That means office buildings, apartment buildings, townhouse estates, hotels, resorts and villa complexes all have a body corporate to oversee the care of communal areas like gardens and foyers. 

Body corporates preside over commercial, industrial and residential properties. The group funds activities like painting and lawn maintenance by collecting a small fee from each person who owns part of the property. Those fees go into a collective fund that’s used to pay for tax, repairs, building maintenance and other expenses like painting. Depending on where you live and how the property is managed, the body corporate could be made up of interested property owners or it could be managed by an external company.

Body Corporates Handle Painting Tasks

If you’ve ever painted a room in your own house then you’ll know there can be a fair bit of work involved. Preparing, masking off, applying multiple coats of paint and moving your furniture back and forth isn’t a simple task. Now imagine having to do that for a complex or large building like a block of apartments. Even painting the smallest areas, like the foyer of a building, is a huge amount of work. And it all has to be done while the building’s occupants go about their normal lives, moving in and out of worksites.

High quality paint work is critical to protecting a building. The sun, rain and general wear and tear from occupants can quickly wear down finishes and leave a building looking worse for wear. Body corporates fund and manage large-scale painting projects. They handle the painting of both internal communal areas and the exterior of structures such as apartment buildings. By staying on top of painting and paint maintenance, the body corporate is:

  • Protecting the property from unnecessary damage

  • Looking after property values

  • Maintaining welcoming communal spaces

  • Improving the professionalism of properties like office buildings

Maintaining the Paintwork on Building Complexes

Modern paints are tough, easy to apply and very long lasting. That’s good news for the occupants of a shared property because it means their body corporate won’t need to have their high-rise building repainted every few years.

To keep costs down further, most body corporates will engage a contractor to look after all paint maintenance work. Maintaining the high quality coatings you’ve invested in is the best way to prolong their life and avoid the expense of regular repainting work. Especially in buildings or complexes with large shared spaces, the wear and tear from general use adds up quickly. Body corporates often carry out paint maintenance work to fix individual problems as they arise, preventing the issue from worsening and improving how the building looks overall.

Looking for Experienced Body Corporate Painting? Contact McAuliffe Painting Today!

The experienced McAuliffe Painting team has been providing body corporate painting services throughout the Brisbane region for more than 20 years. Our team has the skills and equipment to tackle everything from small maintenance tasks to large-scale repainting of property complexes and high-rise buildings. All our services are completed with high-quality coatings that can stand up to hard use and the harsh Queensland weather. We offer affordable body corporate painting solutions to properties of all shapes and sizes, helping you maintain your buildings and keep them looking good as new. For more information on our services or to make an appointment with our team, get in touch with us today!

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