What Is the Most Popular Interior Colour for 2022?

Neutral tones have been the interior colour of choice for decades. The perfect blank canvas for everything else in your life, whites, greys and earth tones are a staple of the design world. But 2022 saw a shift, with painters and designers moving in a much more colourful direction! After a few years of change, we’re glad to see interesting colours making a comeback as the most popular interior paints for 2022.

Bringing the Greenery Indoors

Most of us have spent a great deal of time at home in the past few years. Lockdowns and quarantines saw thousands of people tackling small renovation jobs in an attempt to brighten up their homes. The rush to renovate brought about a few major trends in design, but the biggest was the introduction of more plants and natural materials into indoor spaces. Leather, stone, timber and leaves have been the name of the game for the past few years, and now interior paint colours are catching up!
Some of the best and most popular paint colours for 2022 were shades of green. From rich khaki to dusty green and subdued olive, green walls were our way of bringing the outdoors in. Here are just a few of the most popular green hues for 2022:

  • “Breakfast Room Green” by Farrow & Ball
  • “Gentle Olive” by Minwax
  • “October Mist” by Benjamin Moore
  • “Olive Sprig” by Dulux

Sunshine in a Bottle

If greens aren’t bright enough for your tastes, then our next most popular interior colours for 2022 were yellows! A bold choice for some, yellow hues were incredibly popular in 2022 as a way to brighten spaces and bring some sunshine indoors. Before you reach for the neon yellow paint though, most of 2022’s best yellow hues were the subdued, dusty variety. For a bright yet inviting and laid-back space, some of our favourite yellows were:

  • “Funky Yellow” by Sherwin-Williams
  • “Babouche” by Farrow & Ball
  • “Beeswax” by Domingue Finishes
  • “Curry” by C2 Paint

The Rise of Textured Paints

Texture paints aren’t a new idea, but they’ve made a big splash in 2022. With designers using natural textures and materials to bring some variation into the home, textured paints are the next natural step. From paints with a subtle effect to heavy texture finishes, textured paint has been introducing variation into the best designs of 2022. There’s really no limit to how you can use textured interior paints. Most are supplied as a textured undercoat that can accept any topcoat you want. With that said, some of the most stunning textured paints of 2022 include:

  • “Satin Rolling Surf” by Krylon
  • “Roman Clay” by Portola Paints
  • “Winter Fog” by Dulux

Neutrals Are Here to Stay

It’s true that we were more adventurous in 2022. Some of our interior paint choices were downright bold compared to the trends over the past few decades. Despite that, whites, greys and neutrals still deserve a mention as some of the most popular interior colours of 2022. It’s hard to compete with these classic shades. Not only do they look good, they’re the perfect blank canvas for anyone who wants their interior furniture and fittings to stand out. If you’re searching for a neutral backdrop for your next project, have a look at some of 2022’s favourite neutral paints:

  • “Tranquil Retreat” by Dulux
  • “Dhimba” by Wattyl
  • “Hogs Bristle Half” by Dulux
  • “Pale Cream” by Taubmans

Pantone Veri Peri – Colour of the Year 2022

It’s always hard to go past Pantone when it comes to colour trends! Widely known for their proprietary colour palette, Pantone has been setting trends in the interior industry for decades. For their 2022 Colour of the Year, Pantone nominated a decidedly purple hue called Veri Peri. Veri Peri is bright and rich all at once, and it serves as a strong backdrop for moody offices, intimate bedrooms and playful living areas.

Looking for the Best Interior Paint Trends for 2023? Talk to McAuliffe Painting!

The right interior paint is the best way to transform your space. Whether you’re designing a bedroom, living area or an entire commercial fitout, interior paints can make all the difference. If you’re planning a project and want to explore some of 2022 and 2023’s best paint colours, talk to McAuliffe Painting today! We’re professional painters working all over Brisbane. Our experienced team takes on all types of jobs, from painting a single room to entire homes, McAuliffe can transform your property. Contact us today if you’re interested in finding out more or if you’d like a quote for your project!

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