What Is the Best Colour for a Commercial Building?

Commercial buildings are some of the most challenging painting jobs for professional teams. The sheer scale of the work requires specialist equipment and spraying systems, and it’s not a job you want to be doing regularly. Making the most of your investment means choosing the colours and paint products that will show off your branding, protect the building and look stunning for years to come. The exact colours you choose can make a real impact, so we’re going to discuss what is the best colour for a commercial building and how to design the ideal paint scheme.

Commercial Building Painting

Painting a commercial building can be a monumental task. Even small commercial spaces are many times larger than a home. At the start of your commercial painting project, it’s a good idea to sit down and get your ideas on paper. You can do this on your own, or your painter will also be happy to help. The sky’s the limit when it comes to paint colours, but it’s best to choose a scheme that complements your brand, inspires customers and creates an environment you’re proud of.

What Is the Best Colour for a Commercial Building?

The best colour for your commercial building is one that suits your branding and your vision for the property! There really is no limit to what you can achieve with a commercial paint job. Don’t forget – you aren’t limited to a single colour for the entire property. Building managers often choose to paint the majority of the property in a single colour, and then use splashes of colour to provide detail to certain areas.
When choosing a paint colour for your commercial building, you’ll need to consider:

  • Your branding. Commercial building painting is a great chance to splash your branding on a grand scale. Not all brand colours are ideal for painting a building, but take a look at your logos and branding to see if any of the colours would work as the basis for your commercial painting job.
  • Your services. Paint colours have a big impact on the impression your business makes. For example, restaurants and cafes often choose to paint their buildings in bright, neutral colours such as white. White paints are a great canvas for further styling, and they evoke a sense of cleanliness with your customers.
  • Longevity. Painting a large building can be costly, and it’s not a task you want to find yourself repeating regularly. The colour you choose can have a big impact on how soon you find yourself touching up the paintwork. Bright colours such as reds and yellows tend to fade sooner when used outdoors, so think carefully before you cover an entire building with a bold colour.

The Best Exterior Paint Colours for Commercial Buildings

The right exterior paint colour can make your building stand out. Many of the best colours are designed to appeal to your customers without overwhelming their senses. Some of the best commercial building colours to consider are:

  • White and off-white. Nothing says clean and classic like shades of white. White tones are perfect for all types of spaces, and white walls are known to absorb the least amount of heat, which can be a major factor in hot climates like Brisbane.
  • Neutral colours. Greys, creams and sandy colours are some of the most common paints for commercial buildings. Neutral colours are the perfect canvas for other design features, and they work well for most types of businesses.
  • Earthy colours. Browns, deep reds and darker greys are a popular choice for buildings that need a moodier, more intimate setting. Not only are earthy tones easy to match to other design elements, they make vegetation and branding stand out, and they’re also easy to clean and maintain.
  • Vibrant colours. Vibrant reds, blues and yellows are a fantastic way to show off your brand’s personality. These colours are also incredibly eye-catching, so they do double-duty in attracting customers to your business.

Explore Commercial Painting Options with McAuliffe Painting!

Painting a commercial building can be a major investment of your time and money. To ensure the results look fantastic for years to come, it pays to work with a reliable team like McAuliffe Painting! The McAuliffe team is experienced with all types of commercial painting projects, with our past work including paint jobs for hospitals, retail outlets and high-rise buildings. We draw on more than two decades of experience to deliver painting services throughout the Brisbane region. If it’s time to refresh your commercial building, get in touch with us and make an appointment today!

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