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High Rise, Rope Access & Abseil Painting Brisbane: Lower Costs, Higher Quality Finish

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McAuliffe Painting offers a complete high-level painting, maintenance and cleaning service to the commercial and industrial property sector in and around Brisbane. Our team of professional painters are all trained according to the most stringent safety standards for rope access work. They love a challenge, taking on the toughest jobs in the most hard to reach areas 24 hours of the day, 7 days of the week, and 365 days of the year

Health & Safety Act, Queensland

We also employ IRATA certified painters for extreme high level access, which is the only global rope access trade association in the work-at-height sector. Certification requires external audits and accreditation and exceeds current operating requirements in Australia, where certification is actually not required. We naturally adhere to the guidelines as set out by the Work Health and Safety Act

Why use McAuliffe, Brisbane, for rope access painting?

Using rope access to high levels is a safe, reliable and quick way to get to out of reach areas. We won’t waste time, or your money, setting up large scaffolding constructions. This type of access has minimal impact on our operations, other simultaneous operations, the surrounding areas and the environment. It also means less total working hours, less man-at-risk hours and fewer accidents. In fact, six times less injuries occur when using rope access as opposed to scaffold work. This naturally means fewer costs for us, but this is also the case for our clients.

Watch the Rope Access and Abseil Painting of our Si8 Project

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Our rope access painters hang suspended in the air, supported by a pair of ropes. One is a working line, the other a back up. Both are attached to separate points; should one fail, the other will keep them anchored. First used by potholing groups who often needed to get into impossible to reach areas, the painting and decorating industry, along with the construction sector, quickly adopted this method due to its simplicity, safety, low cost equipment and time saving qualities.

When scaffolding can’t handle the job

Where a building façade is simply too huge to justify the expense of scaffolding, rope access is the perfect solution. Where a high-rise pokes up into the clouds, the cost of using a licenced, non-restricted height scaffolding expert to carry out anything other than major construction can not be justified. A quirky home with many different angles requires multiple scaffold constructions, a heritage home has fragile areas which won’t appreciate being knocked by steel pipes, and a building with deep foundations on marshy or sandy ground is an extremely high risk scenario for any type of scaffold structure. However, none of these situations represent even a slight challenge for rope access.


Recommended for

We recommend using our rope access painters for the following types of building and construction:

  • Any type of roofing or guttering
  • High-rise buildings such as office blocks or apartment complexes
  • Factories and warehouses
  • Steel frameworks
  • Bridges
  • Stadiums
  • Large, public buildings such as hospitals, multi-storey car parks and educational facilities
  • Multi level homes or multi-angled homes

McAuliffe Painting: high level access professionals, Brisbane

Ecologically friendly, safe, covered by the Queensland WorkSafe Work-at-Height guidelines, extremely flexible and with only a few short minutes for set-up, our professional rope access methods mean you won’t ever have to pay for damaging, cumbersome, unattractive and disruptive, not to mention hazardous, scaffolding set ups and dismantles when you hire McAuliffe Painting painters/professional abseilers.

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Give our Brisbane office a call today on 1300 733 447 to talk about how our high level access professionals can restyle your property. We always take the time to carefully listen to what our existing and potential clients are looking for and are more than happy to offer advice. Our quotes are completely obligation-free. For a professional, high quality, non-disruptive paint removal, painting or decorating project, call McAuliffe Painting today!


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