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Professional Timber Maintenance

Wood has persevered as one of the most common construction materials due to its cost effectiveness, durability, flexibility, renewable sources and stunning appearance. Left untreated, however, wood is liable to become dull, dry and cracked, or damp and rotten.

While many modern woods are pre-treated, meaning their care and maintenance can be minimal in the first years of use, even the best quality thermally treated wood will need to be paid some attention as years go by. For more traditional homes, many years of exposure to drought, humidity, wind and rain, together with possible insect damage, can lead to structural damage and high renovation costs.

The more care you take of your timber surfaces, the longer they will last and the less likely they will succumb to the weather or other forms of attack. As one of the leading Queenslander renovation companies in Brisbane, McAuliffe Painting knows exactly how to keep timber frames, terraces and balconies, beams, windows, doors, staircases and floors looking perfect, year in, year out.

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Professional Timber Maintenance, Brisbane

Using only the highest quality paints and stains, our professional painting company first carries out necessary repairs to rotting or damaged timber. We know which areas can be treated and which will need to be replaced before starting up a tailor-made maintenance programme that perfectly suits your property’s requirements.

We are often asked to set up timber maintenance plans after painting or repainting woodwork on traditional or modern properties. Knowing our professional house painters never pick up a brush before ensuring all surfaces are in optimum condition, keeping them to a similar standard over future years is easy. Should any paintwork have been done by someone other than McAuliffe Painting, we will first assess the condition of the existing woodwork before accepting a maintenance contract. After all, by simply ignoring and painting over any defects, we would not be providing the high standard of service we are used to giving all of our valued clients.

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