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Professional Exterior Timber Painting Brisbane

We provide extensive timber painting services, treating common problems such as water ingress, decayed or painted-shut components and rotting woodwork. Ignoring the condition of the wood and opting to paint over damaged surfaces makes the problem worse and often a new window, beam, panel or frame must be purchased and fitted well before the end of the original construction’s natural life. Wood is also used to support crucial building components, and we will tell you in all honesty if repair or replacement is necessary.

Wooden wall cladding always needs to be kept in good condition in order to keep water at bay. Our high quality range of stains and paints, in combination with our attention to detail and broad skills set, means the length of time necessary between future treatments can be significantly higher, cutting your costs and keeping your property water-tight, safe and attractive for many years to come. By paying special attention to the condition of the woodwork and carrying out all appropriate repairs as well as sanding down timber surfaces so no irregularities are hidden behind paint or stained varnishes, you know McAuliffe Painting finishes will last. We can also help you choose from a variety of tones and surface finishes that will protect and highlight the natural beauty of this noble material or plan a timber care schedule for your exterior woodwork so you need never worry about the look and care of your deck or painted or unpainted timber surface.

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With broad experience in heritage properties, McAuliffe Painting is also the right Brisbane painting company to choose when looking for painting specialists for period properties.

Give our painting cost estimator a call so we can come up with a quote. McAuliffe Painting only carries out quality work using expert house painters, the best quality materials and equipment, and 20 years of experience as one of the leading painting companies in Brisbane.

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