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Professional Kitchen Painters, Brisbane

Preparation is one of the most important tasks when it comes to painting interiors; getting a room  ready for that perfect, smooth finish is what separates the real professionals from the rest.

Kitchens, even with good ventilation systems, can be prone to higher than average moisture levels. Using the right type of paint, along with painstaking preparation work, is key to a perfect finish.

The kitchen area typically uses bright lighting where badly applied paintwork has nowhere to hide. Unfortunately, hiring a professional painting service does not rule out a bad job; however, we at McAuliffe Painting value our customers and guarantee perfect paintwork for every possible surface.

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Our wide range of Resene and Dulux paints are available in every possible shade and can be specially mixed to tie in with your unique colour scheme. These paints are washable, making your kitchen and dining area easy to clean, especially if you prefer not to install splashbacks or tile. McAuliffe Painting’s dedicated team of professional house painters makes sure all traces of dirt and grease are removed before picking up a brush. Our professional painting service will transform walls, ceilings and kitchen cabinets, applying the correct paint the right way. Turn your kitchen into a vibrant, clean and hard-wearing space the entire family can enjoy with McAuliffe Painting, Brisbane.

Give our house painting cost estimator a call so we can come up with a quote. McAuliffe Painting only carries out quality work using expert house painters, the best quality materials and equipment, and 20 years of experience as one of the leading house painting companies in Brisbane.

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