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Interior & Exterior Paint Maintenance

McAuliffe Painting offers a range of maintenance solutions for your home, business, apartment block, high-rise or hotel to keep your property looking well maintained and cut both short and long-term costs. Our experience has taught us how to implement the correct products, colours and methods and so lengthen the natural life of any surface.

By enrolling the help of a professional painting company, it is often possible to put off complete repainting projects for many years without having to experience a decline in the aesthetics of your property.

For rental homes and offices where maintenance costs need to be kept to an absolute minimum, at the same time keeping tenants happy and rental prices as high as possible, a McAuliffe Painting maintenance plan is the ideal solution.

For commercial properties, a carefully maintained space will continue to attract customers and create a pleasant working environment for your employees. By delegating interior and exterior surface maintenance to our company, business and property owners can concentrate on other efficient and cost-effective areas.

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For hospitals and for businesses which deal with food preparation, the maintenance of painted or treated surfaces is a legal responsibility which can not be ignored. With much experience in this particular sector, McAuliffe Painting will put together a tailored plan to ensure your building consistently complies with hygiene and safety standards.

For residential properties, keeping paintwork and facades in optimal condition can halt natural wear and tear for many years to come. By using protective, UV-resistant paints and stains or waterproof finishes for external and internal brickwork, woodwork and metalwork, the life of window frames, doors and guttering can be extensively prolonged, cutting out unnecessary professional exterior and interior repainting costs.

McAuliffe Painting, the leading Brisbane painting company, offers property maintenance plans which include a wide variety of options. These include:

  • Façade and internal wall cleaning
  • Interior and exterior touch up painting
  • Repainting of common or community areas at regular intervals
  • Mould removal
  • Wood rot replacement and repainting
  • New demarcation paintwork or touch up of older markings
  • End of tenancy repainting

Give our property maintenance team a call so we can come up with a quote based upon your business or home requirements. McAuliffe Painting only carries out quality maintenance work using expert house painters, the best quality materials and equipment, and 20 years of experience as one of the leading painting companies in Brisbane.

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