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Exterior Painting

Exterior Painting Brisbane

The look and longevity of an exterior paint job is largely dependent on the care and effort put into preparation. Because we professionally prepare all exterior surfaces, McAuliffe Painting guarantees an external paint finish that will last for years; our range of paints can even keep your property cooler in the summer sun.

McAuliffe Painting will carefully carry out the following tasks well before picking up a paintbrush, spray or roller:

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  • Our first job is to check for the presence of lead paint. The Department of the Environment and Energy has published lead paint removal guidelines; pre-1970s homes were often decorated both inside and out with this highly toxic substance. Lead paint removal is definitely not based on a profit-making scam. Released as dust, lead accumulates in the body and stays there. This means that children especially should be protected as long-term exposure could lead to very serious health risks, many of them neurological. As dust from lead-based paints is only released when paintwork is damaged or flaking, external surfaces can become a serious hazard if left untreated. Lead paint should only be removed using wet scraping, wet sanding, chemical stripping or heat processes; McAuliffe Painting is experienced in all of these methods and strictly follows all safety guidelines.
  • Once we know your exterior surfaces are lead-free, we are then free to carry out preparation work which will ensure a long-lasting decorative or protective effect:
  • Tape up windows and doors to prevent dust from getting into the house;
  • Sand defects, stains, cracking, peeling, flaking, blistering or other signs of wear and tear;
  • Wash down all surfaces to remove dirt, dust and mould;
  • Cover the immediate ground and any fixed exterior furniture.
  • Once this has been done, our professional Brisbane painters can get started on the painting itself. We always:
  • Apply a coat of oil-based undercoat to any nail heads or surfaces with a potential for rust;
  • Apply an acrylic primer to all sanded surfaces;
  • Fill all cracks and gaps and patch any damaged areas;
  • Apply top quality Dulux or Resene paints that keep your home cooler in summer.

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