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Mould spores are well-known for their potentially hazardous health effects and are similarly famously difficult to get rid of. Painting over a mouldy surface is always a temporary measure; moisture remains behind the paint and the mould then has the perfect environment to grow further into porous brickwork or plasterboard, eventually breaking through the paint layer and appearing once more as unsightly and musty-smelling black spots.

Humidity can also cause some lower quality or incorrectly applied paints to crack or flake away within a relatively short period of time.

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While ventilation is critical in bathrooms, hiring an experienced residential painting service which values its customers, like us, can mean you avoid any future and unnecessary interior painting cost. We always check a room thoroughly before starting work and make sure all surfaces are mould and debris-free. Our experienced team of house painters will also uncover any lead-based paint typically used on older pipework and we include lead paint removal in our long list of expert services.

With a range of high-spec paints from Dulux (we are Dulux Accredited Painting Professionals) and Resene, we can also advise you as to the best type of paint for your bathroom interior. These paints often have moisture barrier characteristics and can easily be wiped clean. They are also available in a practically endless choice of traditional and modern colours.

Give our house painting cost estimator a call so we can come up with a quote. McAuliffe Painting only carries out quality work using expert house painters, the best quality materials and equipment, and 20 years of experience as one of the leading house painting companies in Brisbane.

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