How To Protect The Paint On Your Seaside Property

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Living in a seaside home is on almost everybody’s bucket list. The sound of the ocean, the amazing views, the warm breeze, walks on the beach… it’s a dream come true. While the salt, sand and sun can be good for the soul, it’s a challenging environment for your home. Salty air, high humidity and UV rays wear away the protective layers on your home quicker and can lead to structural damage that is costly to repair.

Keep It Clean! Wash The Exterior On A Continuous Basis

Salt and sand are not good for your house. They corrode surfaces and wear away protective layers leading to aging and damage to your structural elements. You can quadruple the lifespan of your paint by regularly washing down your house every few months. If done frequently enough, a hosing down of the salt and sand that has built up on your home may be all you need to maintain a near-normal home maintenance schedule. Warm soapy water and a brush are even better, especially if your tap/hose water is below 20°C. Hot water washers are a great way to remove dirt and mould without chemicals.

Repaint More Often

Painting your home every 10 to 15 years is a necessary part of home maintenance. The same applies to seaside homes. Given the harshness of the conditions though, you’ll want to bring the schedule forward, depending on your commitment to maintenance. Even the best-maintained homes will need to bring the schedule forward a few years. Consider repainting every 8 to 12 years to keep your house looking fresh but more importantly to protect the materials from the elements. Preparation is incredibly important in coastal environments. No matter how good the quality of the paint is, it won’t last if the preparation is not done properly. 

Make Sure The Paint Is Durable

Oil-based paint used to be the go-to for coastal houses. It was resilient to the weather and protected the surface underneath. But times have changed and a good quality acrylic latex paint will outlast an oil-based paint by a longshot. Be wary of the paint you use and be sure to question your painter about what paint they use when discussing a quote. Poor quality paint will provide a very short term solution and will end up costing you much more in the long run.

Need A Hand Painting Your Seaside Property? Contact McAuliffe Painting Today!

If it’s time for a wash or a repaint, McAuliffe Painting can help. We offer a full range of services designed to keep your home looking as good as new. Our experience with south-east Queensland’s climate means we have the know-how to look after your home. Call us today to arrange a free home consultation.  

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