What Is the Cost of Painting the Exterior of a Single Storey House Versus a Double Storey House?

Double storey colonial style Queensland home | McAuliffe Painting

It should come as no surprise that painting a double-storey house is vastly different from painting a single storey. It’s double the paint, double the work and double the manpower (sometimes). But does this generally mean it’s double the cost? At McAuliffe Painting, we go over what costs are involved with painting a double-storey house and why it may be cheaper than you think.

Firstly, when do you need your house exterior painted?

This all depends on a few factors, such as the housing material and where you live. The more humid it is, the more often you need to repaint the exterior. This is because humidity causes moisture to build up and cause the paint to bubble and crack. When it comes to housing materials, there is a general rule of thumb for each particular material. If the house is made from timber or weatherboard, every 5 years should suffice. For an aluminium exterior, 5 to 7 years is recommended depending on the density of the aluminium. Brick is the most resilient material in terms of repainting, with recommended timeframe being between 15 to 20 years.

What costs are involved in painting the exterior of a house?

Depending on the layout and the size of the house, there can be costs that you haven’t anticipated. At McAuliffe Painting, we quote per square metre, but there are other factors that can cause costs to inflate, such as:

  • How much preparation is required for the project? If the layout of the house is not atypical, a bit more work will need to be done in terms of preparation.
  • The type and colour of the paint that is to be used. If a specific type of paint is needed or if the colour of the paint is custom can cause costs to increase.
  • The amount of trim work that is needed. This also includes any architraves that the exterior may have.
  • If the house is a heritage home. If the home needs to keep its heritage look, then again, costs may increase.

So the height of the house will play a factor in costs?

In short, yes. If the project is a double-storey house, the amount of paint and materials required will increase. Also, if time is a factor, the number of people on site will also increase as well. But even though it is almost double the work and materials doesn’t necessarily mean it double the overall costs. At McAuliffe Painting, we want to work with you in providing the best quality service for the best price.

Can’t I just paint the exterior myself?

While a DIY project can definitely save you money, you run the risk of the project is less than satisfactory, and given the height of a double story house, the chance of an accident occurring is high. With a professional, the final product will be a much neater, better-quality finish and we have all the equipment to reach those high areas safely. We are the experts in residential painting, so we can also recommend the right type of paint to use and if you are looking for a fresh exterior, we can also help with picking a new colour.

Looking to repaint your double-storey home? Contact us today!

McAuliffe Painting has decades of experience with painting all types of residential properties, both single and double-storey. Contact us today and we can talk through what would work best for you.

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