Paint Flaking & Wrinkling: Causes & Solutions

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The image of paint peeling from the walls or flaking off the ceiling can be a person's worst nightmare. Not only does it look horrendous, but fixing it is a drama in itself.

Paint flaking and wrinkling is a common occurrence with any residential or commercial property, especially here in Brisbane. The heat and the humidity can cause paint to dry up and flake off extremely quickly, especially if you are using cheap house paint or poor preparation.

At McAuliffe Painting, we have seen every issue when it comes to residential and commercial painting. With this experience, we also know every solution for these issues, including how to prevent and fix paint flaking and wrinkling. Below are some causes and solutions to paint flaking.

Humidity and Condensation

Brisbane is known for its humidity. When the sun is beaming in the summertime, even getting in the shade doesn’t give you any relief from the heat. This humidity is also a major cause of paint flaking. The humidity causes moisture to build up, which in turn leads to paint blistering and bulging. The result is cracked and chipped paint.

Solution: Ensure that your surface is properly prepped before you paint. If the surface is dirty and the paint is either too thin or applied too lightly, then the paint can start to split which allows excessive moisture to creep into the walls. Also the quality and type of undercoat is important to keep the moisture of the timber at around 15% to prevent dry rot and wet rot. Moisture meters are a supply way of checking the timber before painting.
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Wrong Type of Paint 

While saving money is always a bonus, if you decide to use a paint that is not equipped for your project just to save some bucks, you might be paying more in the long run. 

Solution: Always use the appropriate paint for your project. Using a cheap house paint in Brisbane can become a huge issue in a few years as its cheapest paint can’t withstand the weather and humidity of Queensland. Not to mention the cost of labour to redo the works. Cheap paint is a false economy with the cost of paint usually making up only 10%- 15% of the total cost.
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Different Types of Paints Mixed

There are some paints that just should not be applied together. Latex paints don’t work properly when applied over oil-based paints and oil-based paints don’t apply properly over the top of latex paints. If either of these types of paints are applied over the other, peeling and wrinkling often occurs.

Solution: Quite simple; stick to one type of paint and work out what is existing on the surfaces.
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Too Many Layers of Paint

This is generally a problem when painting a ceiling. If you overdo it when it comes to the layers of paint, the paint can become heavy and start to fall off. Also, if there a no strong adhesive bonds on the ceiling to support the weight of the layers, the coats of paint will fall straight off. Ceiling paints are known being cheap and lacking in binders 

Solution: When it comes to painting a ceiling, less is always better. It is always easier to add more layers than it is to take them off. Best practice is to work one light layer at a time and see the results once it dries. If it isn’t to your standards, apply another light layer.
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Surface is Exposed to Corrosive Substances

There are several substances that can corrode paint. Things like cleaning bleaches have a strong acidic profile and can start blistering and cracking the paint if used incorrectly.

Solution: It is recommended to not use any products with a high acidic profile when cleaning a painted surface since they can cause cracks and wrinkles.
Corrosive cleaning material | McAuliffe Painting

It Can be Easier to Use a Professional

Sometimes it just makes sense to use a professional when it comes to painting a surface, as they should know how to prevent flaking and wrinkling for the get go. The team at McAuliffe Painting have decades of experience working on both residential and commercial painting projects, and always guarantee the best quality service.

Contact our team today and we can discuss with you the best options for your project.

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