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Interior Painters Brisbane

Interior Painting


Preparation is one of the most important tasks in interior painting and one that separates the professionals from the rest. Here are the key steps we follow during interior painting preparation:


We look for any problem areas, i.e. check the walls, ceiling, and around the windows and doors to make sure there aren’t any leakages or major mould problems that need fixing. Some areas might require special product selection or more detailed surface preparation to get the desired colours, finishes or durable surface results.  We advise customers on VOC levels in paints.


  • We remove any delicate or breakable items from the room.
  • We take down pictures and curtains.
  • We offer Low and Zero Voc paints.
  • We vacuum. (Dust or dirt can prevent proper application of paint or stains)
  • We cover all floors with clean drop sheets and cover all furnishing and bench tops.
  • We remove fixtures: door knobs, latches, locks on doors and window frames, curtain rails and picture hooks.
  • We tape light fixtures, windows, heaters, air conditioners and electrical switches.
  • We wash down all surfaces to remove dirt, dust or grease.
  • We repair any surfaces so that they are smooth prior to applying primer or paint.
  • We apply top quality Resene or Dulux paints that are easy to clean


These preparation steps are key to making every McAuliffe Painting project look great and last.

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