A Guide To Painting Your Gutters & Fascias

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Refreshing your roofline is one of the easiest ways to instantly increase the curb appeal of your home. Updating the exterior of your house with a manicured garden, newly laid driveway or a fresh coat of paint can improve both the appearance and value of your home. It’s never been easier to take your gutters and fascia's from tired to terrific, with an abundance of colours, materials and styles to choose from. Pick up a paintbrush and try your hand at revamping your exteriors, or reach out to a professional residential painter to ensure a safe, polished job on taller structures.

Below, dive into our guide for prepping and painting the gutters and fascia's of your house.     

STEP ONE: Clean Your Gutters

There’s no point getting started on painting your gutters and fascia's without first cleaning your roofline. Remove debris, including stray leaves and sticks, before scrubbing them thoroughly with soap and water using an abrasive cleaning brush or sponge. This is an essential step in preparing the surface of your gutters to improve the finished look, and is especially relevant for steel gutters which have a thin surface treatment. If you don’t remove this treatment on steel gutters by scrubbing, the paint won’t adhere to the steel. 

STEP TWO: Apply Primer

Before an artist even looks at a paintbrush, they prepare their canvas by priming it to create a smoother surface for their work. It’s just as important to apply a coat of primer to your gutters before you splash them in paint. Primer is responsible for preventing the gutter from damage such as rusting and fading, while improving the surface to allow paint to stick.

For an aluminium gutter, you can either use clear acrylic bonding primer or a regular oil-based primer, as long as it is ammonia free. If your gutters are vinyl, prepare the surface with denatured alcohol. Once you’ve applied your primer, leave it to set for 48 hours before you move on to the next step. 

STEP THREE: Apply First Coat

The type of paint you apply depends on the material of your gutters and fascia's. For aluminium gutters, use either oil based or acrylic paint, whereas steel gutters work best with an oil-based enamel paint. Vinyl gutters need to be painted with an exterior latex paint. When you’re painting, use a brush rather than a paint roller and apply an even coat to the entire surface. Leave the first coat to dry and set before hitting a home run with the final step.

STEP FOUR: Apply The Final Coat

Once your gutters and fascia's are cleaned, primed and painted with the first layer, it’s time to seal the deal! Using the same paint as the first coat, apply the second coat carefully and thoroughly to create a beautiful finish. Painting your gutters and fascia's can be a time-consuming task which requires patience and skill, but has a long-lasting, striking effect on your home’s exterior. 

Exterior Needs Updating?

Are you ready to revamp your exteriors to boost your home’s curb appeal? The professional team at McAuliffe Painting can make painting those hard to reach places a breeze, and ensure a safe and high-quality paint job. Give us a call today on 1300 733 447, or fill out our contact form

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