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How long is a piece of string? Although McAuliffe Painting can guarantee competitive prices for all types of residential painting projects, without knowing more about your property we can’t give a ballpark figure. Painting costs depend on surface area, surface condition, surface type and your chosen finish. What we can promise is that you will never have to pay for scaffolding and our suppliers, Rysene and Dulux, reward our loyalty and enable us to further reduce your costs.

With more information about your particular property we can give a free, no-obligation quote as a rough guide; even better, invite us round for a more personalised house painting estimate.

Paint can begin to peel off surfaces immediately or after a number of years. The reason it detaches from a surface such as plasterboard, trims and bathrooms is simple – a loss of adhesion. But why this occurs can be due to a number of reasons:

  • Moisture: damp areas, high humidity, condensation, leakages … all of these produce high levels of moisture. Paints are permeable in varying degrees and will allow water molecules to pass through, separating coat layers and pushing them away from the surface material. This is also an open invitation to mould spores to settle and multiply in warm and humid areas
  • Paint or primer type: specific surfaces need specific types of coating. We won’t use oil-based paints on concrete or steel as we know their chemical make-up causes a reaction that weakens the adhesive qualities of the paint. Painting 101 also tells us that we don’t paint new gloss over old and to use the correct primer for the correct surface. These simple mistakes should never be made by a professional painting service in Brisbane, or anywhere else in the world. McAuliffe Painting guarantees the right paint, using the right technique.
  • Dry surfaces: with really dry surfaces, often found in heritage window frames positioned to receive huge doses of UV-rays throughout long periods of drought, the bonding between a primer and painted surface can be affected. Not only do we know how to prepare these surfaces, we also have a selection of UV and heat-resistant paints that can stop this problem from recurring, whatever the weather.
  • Application: too thick layers, too thin layers, the wrong applicator, bristles that fall out if you even breathe on a brush … all of these factors can seriously affect the adhesive bonds between a surface and its coating. By hiring our professional Brisbane painting service, you are guaranteed fail-safe techniques and high quality equipment and materials.
  • Age: over time, stored paint becomes thin. Subsequent thin layers are then either applied using too many coats, causing excess weight and loss of adhesive power, or are simply too thin to adhere to the surface in the first place. This is why paint shelf-life should be respected.
  • Number of and type of coats: we won’t mix latex and oil-based paints on a single surface, or apply alternate layers of alkyd and latex paints, even if you insist. We also won’t load a difficult surface with copious layers of paint, causing the finish to become heavy, pulling on and breaking the adhesive bonds. Our 20 years of experience in the trade means all McAuliffe Painters know which products to use on which surfaces and how. We don’t make mistakes with your money.
  • Corrosive substances: using strong alkalis or acids to clean surfaces can affect the quality of the coating. Strong bleach mixtures, even vinegar, can seep under the paint layer and cause paint to flake off. Let us know what kind of chemicals your surfaces might be exposed to and we can prevent this problem occurring by advising you on the appropriate paint types or protective coatings.
  • Weather: many paints should never be applied when external temperatures are high. When the outside or room temperature exceeds the maximum application temperatures as indicated on the product packaging, that product will dry at an accelerated rate, meaning any bonding between the surface, primer and (often) latex gloss or semi gloss paints is weakened. McAuliffe Painting works together with Dulux who supply us with a range of heat-resistant paints, used with great success in some of the world’s hottest regions.
  • Lack of preparation: by painting onto improperly prepared surfaces, you are asking for problems. Dust, grease, uneven areas, poorly-cured woods which secrete excess natural oils or the lack of a quality primer will reduce the adhesive power of even the highest quality paint. This is why detailed preparation work is an extremely important phase for McAuliffe Painting painters and is always carried out to stringent standards.

We love heritage properties at McAuliffe Painting and have become experts in Queenslander colour palettes, house paint stripping and lead-paint removal. Heritage properties require extensive preparation to ensure your chosen colour scheme will last another century. Depending on the size of our team, the weather and product drying times, it can take a few days to complete a job.

Your traditional home has waited decades for a new look. It won’t mind waiting a day or two longer to allow us to prepare every surface the right way before applying the appropriate products. By paying attention to detail, we save you unnecessary and costly retouches in the near future.

Our range of Dulux and Rysene quality paints are suited for all surfaces, weather extremes and surface use. Within this selection we can offer our clients a multitude of colours in low or VOC-free paints and stains. VOC stands for volatile organic compounds, those chemicals in paint that give high VOC paints their distinctive smell. Volatile organic compounds are actually solvents which are found in various products such as adhesives, cleaning products and upholstery and carpet treatments. When released into the air and breathed in they can cause headaches and dizziness.

However, constantly needing to reapply or touch up paint layers, even if using low VOC paints, might push up the number of these compounds in the surrounding air. This is less the case with paints like Ultra Zero VOC by Dulux or Resene Zylone Sheen. Because we primarily work with high quality Dulux and Rysene paints, you are sure to find a low VOC solution with us.

Whatever paint you use, sufficient ventilation is always advised during and after work. Enclosed spaces or busy areas such as offices and shops will definitely benefit from low-VOC alternatives.

That depends on you. Obviously, to be able to make an offer we will need to visit the property. Telephone quotes are based entirely on the information you give us. Surface area, surface type, surface quality, number of fixtures and fittings which need protecting … the list goes on. Because of this, it is difficult to make an accurate estimation over the phone. When using our online form, you have the opportunity to add pictures as well as written information. However, the only way we can make you a fixed offer is to visit the property. You won’t regret your invitation to a McAuliffe Painting trained professional.

If you need us to work outside of regular hours, we will; as a respected commercial and corporate painting company in Brisbane, we are used to completing jobs out-of-hours to avoid disruption. We can even plan our maintenance programme visits and works during early morning or evening hours, or weekends.

At McAuliffe Painting, the client counts. This means we will move heaven and earth to get your project done as quickly as possible. Our customer base is growing all the time, which means we are constantly hiring and training new painters who are enthusiastic about delivering quality work every single day. Drop us a line. We’ll do everything we can to fit into your schedule.

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