External Preparation and Repaint of Hawthorne Queenslander - McAuliffe Painting Brisbane
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External Preparation and Repaint of Hawthorne Queenslander

This project involved the preparation and repaint of the exterior of a raised Queenslander with an additional deck and shed at the rear of the house.


This house had been raised and renovated ten years earlier and was the first repaint of the lower section of the house. Unfortunately the lower section was not properly primed during this time ten years earlier and most of the exposed (to weather and sun) coating on the lower section needed to be removed. Fortunately McAuliffe Painting are experienced, knowledgeable and able to prepare the surfaces and apply a lasting coating.


The project involved:


  • Colour matching previous colours
  • Seal windows and doors prior to sanding to limit dust entering the home
  • Removal of  majority of previous coating on the lower section of the house
  • Removal of failing paint on original top section of house
  • Removal (sanding) and Replacement of security bars on lower section of house
  • Washing and properly preparing surfaces prior to paint application
  • Application of high quality paint on all surfaces

These pictures are of a set of casement windows, stairs and railings, before sanding and painting, from the original upper section of the house.

Hawthorne Queenslander 1
Hawthorne Queenslander 2
Hawthorne Queenslander 3

McAuliffe Painting takes preparation seriously and the photos above show that definitively.


The photos show the exposed sides of house after the chamfer boards had been sanded extensively.

Hawthorne Queenslander 4
Hawthorne Queenslander 5
Hawthorne Queenslander 6
Hawthorne Queenslander 8

We applied an oil based coating to nail heads in this fence. We also protect the ground and tape the mail slot to protect from overspray. And the great final finish of both the fence and the front stairs.

Hawthorne Queenslander 9
Hawthorne Queenslander 10

Finished casement windows on the rear section of the house and  the final finish of the rear and front sections of the home.

Hawthorne Queenslander 11
Hawthorne Queenslander 12
Hawthorne Queenslander 13

You can see in these photos that the house looks refreshed but what you might not see but can expect is that the finish is sure to last when you use McAuliffe Painting.

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